The Lunchbox

I saw a good movie last week, “The Lunchbox.” It’s an Indian film but not the Bollywood style, no singing, no dancing.

The film begins with a young woman preparing her husband’s lunchbox. But an Indian lunchbox is surprising. It looks like a thermos but it is made up of several containers that stack on top of each other.. When it’s taken apart we have all the different parts of the meal separated and we can put what we want on a plate.

So this woman, around 30, is preparing her husband’s lunchbox, with the help of an older neighbor, because her husband has been a bit distant and she wants to impress him. There’s a knock on her door and it’s the guy who picks up the lunchbox. He takes it by bicycle, with many other lunchboxes, to the train station, where many others bicyclists are arriving with lunchboxes.

All the lunchboxes are put on the commuter train to go to downtown Bombay and when they arrive another fleet of bicycles is waiting to pick them up and deliver them. Somehow all these lunchboxes make it to the exact desk they are destined for…except the lunchbox of the young woman.

It winds up on the desk of an office worker one month away from retirement. When it’s lunch time he takes his lunchbox and goes down to the cafeteria to eat alone, as he usually does. But when he opens his lunchbox, he knows something is different today. It smells so good!

He takes it apart, tastes a little of this, then a little of that and can’t believe how good it is. He finishes everything, leaves the lunchbox on his desk, where it is picked up and begins the reverse journey back to the lady.

She checks outside her door and finds the lunchbox. It feels empty! She takes it in the kitchen, takes it apart and there are no leftovers. She’s sure her husband will come home in a better mood! She dresses nicely and puts on some makeup to better welcome her husband home.

But when he comes home he’s as distant as usual. She asks how lunch was and all he says is, “It was OK.” He mentions something he liked from lunch but it wasn’t something she had prepared.

The next day she prepares another lunchbox with a very good lunch and puts a note in it to say that she worked hard to prepare this lunchbox for her husband. When the office worker receives his lunchbox he immediately opens the top to smell it and is so pleased that it smells so good again. When he goes for lunch, he discovers her note…

And thus begins a relationship by notes in a lunchbox between these two people who know nothing about each other.

The acting is very good and the film does give a small glimpse into life in Bombay. I encourage everyone to see it!

J’ai vu un bon film la semaine dernière, “The Lunchbox,” c’est le même titre en  français. C’est un film indien mais il n’y a rien de Bollywood dans ce film, pas de chansons, pas de danses .

Le film commence avec une jeune femme qui prépare la ” lunchbox ” de son mari. Mais une ” lunchbox ”  indienne  c’est spéciale . On dirait un thermos mais, fait de plusieurs  plats qui s’empilent. Quand on le démonte, on a tous les parties du repas séparées et on peut mettre ce qu’on veut  dans l’assiette.

Donc cette femme,  la trentaine , prépare la ” lunchbox ” de son mari, avec l’aide d’une voisine plus âgée, car son mari est un peu distant depuis peu de temps et elle veut  le reconquérir.

On frappe à la porte et c’est le gars qui collecte les lunchboxes .Il les amène en vélo avec beaucoup d’autres lunchboxes à la gare où d’autres vélos arrivent avec encore plus de lunchboxes.

Toutes les lunchboxes sont empilées dans le RER localpour aller au centre ville de Bombay où une flotte de vélos attend pour  aller les livrer. D’une façon miraculeuse tous ces lunchboxes arrivent sur le bon bureau…sauf celui de la jeune femme.

 Elle arrive sur le bureau d’un homme à un mois de la retraite. Quand l’heure du déjeuner arrive, il descend  à la cafeteria où il mange seul, comme d’habitude. Mais quand il ouvre sa lunchbox, il sait que quelque chose est différent aujourd’hui. Ça sent vraiment bon!

Il la démonte, il goutte un peu de ceci, puis un peu de cela et il ne peut pas croire que c’est si bon! Il mange tout, laisse la  lunchbox sur son bureau, où on vient la chercher pour le voyage du  retour.



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