Hard to keep up and Cain/Abel Part 3

My goal of posting every two days has been severely tested this month. I had a four day trip a couple of weeks ago and a three day trip this weekend. And between little time and trouble finding internet connections it has been a challenge to keep to my schedule of every other day.

But rest assured, it is not a question of lack of interest or no inspiration. I will continue! But when there’s too much going on and I just don’t have time, the blog will occasionally take a back seat to other things.

Now, about Gerard and Patrick Deguise, the Cain-Abel of French politics…today was the 2nd round of voting in the municipal election.

And the results are:

Candidate for mayor        % of vote     no. of votes
Patrick Deguise (PS)            42.38 %         2,006
Gerard Dequise (UMP)       38.05              1,801
Michel Guiniot (FN)            19.56                  926

So Patrick Deguise (PS) was re-elected as mayor. This time Abel came out on top. Let’s hope that Gerard can accept the result this time with less bad feelings.

So it turns out the vote for the Front National (FN) in the first round of voting was more of a protest vote. Michel Guiniot had 28.32 % of the vote, with a total of 1,232 votes. In the second round he lost 300 votes. Also, the abstention rate decreased so more people decided to come out and vote. The abstention rate of 41.38% in the first round went down to 37.21% today.



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