Rhett and Link: Good Mythical Morning!


And now for something completely different…Rhett and Link; maybe some of you have heard of them, probably most of you haven’t. Let me say right away to my French friends, if you can’t follow what I’m writing in English, there’s no way you’re going to understand these guys. So no French translation today, I’m giving the Mrs. a day off.

I was recently introduced to their ‘Good Mythical Morning’ show, a daily dose of the unexpected, by my son who was home for three weeks. Recent themes were 15 newly discovered facial expressions, the best way to eat lunch, 6 things that will happen in your lifetime and 5 strange facts about belly buttons.

They often take scientific studies (such as the newly discovered facial expression) or things they have come across in the news (such as 6 things that will happen in your lifetime) and then take them further than anyone else would.

They have been friends since the 1st grade and were the two guys always doing crazy things at school. From this a comedy duo was born and they are doing quite nicely after all these years.

They were invited back to their high school in North Carolina to give the 2012 commencement address. Here’s what they did and it does include them singing as well as a Pokémon piñata:

And just to show you how wacky their show is, here is a recent episode with the Bug War. They play War, the card game, and the loser has to eat a certain number of different types of bugs. The loser of the big final question has to eat…a scorpion!

They do this five days a week and you honestly never know what to expect from these two. And at the end of an episode you can switch over to ‘Good Mythical More’ which is a continuation after the first show finishes. If you’re watching on YouTube there’s a link underneath the Good Mythical Morning which will take you to the Good Mythical More that follows.

I get a kick out of these guys, but of course they will not be everyone’s cup of tea. But check them out, they’re good!


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