Criminal Minds? No, Thank You.

C&H - violence TV

Désolé, mes amis francophone, Mme est parti en vacances pendant deux semaines donc pas de traductions. 😦   

I’ve decided to do some sorting among what I watch on TV.

And among the series I’ve decided to set aside are Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Well, to be honest I had already dropped Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Criminal Minds is more recent.

I found myself sitting in front of the TV feeling uncomfortable with what I was watching. I don’t want to get into the minds of seriously disturbed people who like to do terrible things to other people. And that is exactly what Criminal Minds is offering us.

Then I realized that it was for similar reasons that I had decided to no longer watch Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Watching a high school chemistry teacher with cancer make bad decision after bad decision, destroying his life and his family step by step, was not enjoyable to me.

It was the same thing with The Walking Dead. Do I want to spend my time watching good people who learn to become bad people only to survive in a post-apocalyptic world? No, I don’t.

When I sit down to watch a series, I want to be able to relax, to unwind. But watching these kinds of series can tighten me up like a watch spring. I want something funny or some kind of whodunit which makes me pay attention to figure out who the bad guy is or how he can be caught if we know who he is. And I find series that combine both humor and whodunit are very enjoyable!

So bye-bye Criminal Minds. And I will never watch Game of Thrones. I started reading the first book and stopped after about 50 pages. There was too much sex and too much violence and too much violent sex for my taste. In the past people knew the different between love and lust but in today’s society the difference is being forgotten.

I think more people need to reconsider what they watch on TV. If someone sits and takes in what these types of shows have to offer I don’t think it helps them to improve themselves and become better people. It risks making one blasé about out-of-control sexuality and violence. And if we head down that road, we don’t know where it will take us.

So what do I watch on TV you might be wondering? Well some of my favorites shows are NCIS, Elementary, Sherlock and Bones. I can’t think of any comedy shows I watch. I’m too put off by those ridiculous laugh tracks they put in. Someone makes a comment that is not at all funny and we hear, “Hahahahahahahahahaha.” It makes me want to throw something at the TV.

One show I used to really enjoy was The Closer. What makes shows like The Closer, NCIS and Bones so good is the excellent scriptwriting and the humor between the characters. You do get some gruesome stuff going on in these series but you don’t have to watch the sicko doing it to someone. We just follow the good guys as they try to catch the bad guys and there are moments of humor, or sometimes difficulties, as team members deal with this challenging thing we call life.

I’m trying to pay more attention to what I let into my life. It might be a good thing for others to consider doing the same…


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  1. I agree with you 100%, David. Plus all the trailers with their short but violent and seductive messages by all the different canals during daytime, meant to destroy the tender and innocent eyes of youth. I rather watch the movies of old that are presented on Youtube.

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