Better is one day

I’m still grading universtity exams. But I came across a really good post on the blog, Black and Dixi. Please enjoy.


Sometimes i wonder why i try so hard. I try so hard to prove myself to others. Prove to others that i’m a good person. Prove that i am doing good. Prove that i’m smart, that i am capable of making wise decisions. But what am i really trying to prove?

Who says that the person i am trying to impress does not already know what i am capable of? And who decided that it even matters if they don’t?

If i have learned one thing in my short little life, it is that nothing you have, can, or will accomplish in life is only the result of what other people believe you can do.

If ever you find the courage, the strength and the ability to do something, it is God, together with your willingness to succeed that made it happen.

Having people around you who believe in you…

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