Me on the right. Moi à droite.

About this blog, my New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to start a bi-lingual blog (I live in France). My initial goal was to add something every day and share about my experiences and what I have learned during  the marathon of my life, which can hopefully offer encouragement to others running the marathon of their life. I share a bit more about this here in my first entry.

I managed to put up a post almost every day of January but it was way too much work. So in February I cut back to once every two days but even that is hard to keep up with. Now I would like to post every two days but when I don’t have time, I don’t worry about it.


A propos de ce blog, ma résolution pour la Nouvelle Année de 2014 est de commencer un blog bilingue (j’habite en France). Mon but est de partager mes expériences et ce que j’ai appris pendant le marathon de ma vie, ce qui, avec un peu de chance, pourrait offrir un peu d’encouragement aux autres qui courent  le marathon de leur vie. Je partage un peu plus sur ce sujet ici dans mon premier sujet.

J’ai arrivé à mettre un sujet presque tout les jours de janvier mais c’étaitt trop de travail. Donc en février j’ai ralenti mon but à un sujet tous les deux jours mais c’est toujours difficile de garder cette rythme. Maintenant j’aimerais mettre un sujet tous les deux jours mais quand je n’ai pas le temps, c’est la vie.


About the title, yes, I do look at life as a marathon. We need to keep moving forward towards a distant goal. Sometimes, like in a marathon, it’s hard to keep going and we feel like stopping. But if we remain focused on the goal and keep going, we break through and find our second wind. And when we reach that goal it’s important to fix a new one to give our life purpose and meaning. Otherwise we start drifting wherever the current takes us…

A propos du titre, oui, je suis de l’avis que la vie est un marathon. Nous avons besoin d’avancer vers un but distant. Parfois, comme dans un marathon, ce n’est pas facile de continue et nous voulons arrêter. Mais si nous restons centrés sur notre but et nous continuons, nous passons au delà de nos limites et nous trouvons notre deuxième souffle. Et quand notre but est atteint c’est important de fixer un nouveau but pour nous donner une raison d’être et une signification à notre vie. Sinon nous commençons à dériver là où les courants nous amènent…


About the photo, I am a big Forrest Gump fan. An incredible movie that makes me laugh and cry about some very serious subjects, that gives a brief overview of the history and culture of the US between the 1950s and the 1980s and that spawned a  number of great quotes. Pay attention, from time to time I’ll write a post based on a quote from the film such as this

A propos de la photo, je suis un fan de Forrest Gump. Un film incroyable qui me faire rire et pleurer sur des sujets très sérieux, qui donne un panorama de l’histoire et de la culture des États Unis entre les années 1950 et les années 1980 et qui a engendré un nombre de bonnes citations. Attention, de temps en temps je écrirai un sujet basé sur une citation du film tel que ceci



  1. I love the idea of a bilingual blog–especially as a typical uni-language American. It would be very interesting to see the slightly different nature of your posts in the two languages, for of course what you say cannot always have exactly the same flavor in the two tongues. And in writing, more challenging one would think than in speech, where you have your face, hands, body, and voice with which to work. Are you the first to do this, I wonder?

    Thank you so much for the “Follow” on The Last Half!

  2. In fact, translating my English to French helps me improve the English version. When I work on the French I’ll realize that me English isn’t so clear on certain points or I’ll realize that I could use a different verb that captures my idea better. But my wife takes time to correct my French and has to make certain changes as my French still isn’t up to par.

    I have no idea if anyone else has tried this before. It does demand quite an effort.

    And thanks for you comments!

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