Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


(Désolé, pas de traduction en Français aujourd’hui.)

Today is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. Dr. Seuss is living proof that simple can be good. Little vocabulary, simple drawings plus his vivid imagination added up to wonderful books that have been stimulating young children for several generations. I really enjoyed his books when I was young. Living in France when my children where young I failed to pass on my appreciation of his books to my children. But now that I have grandkids I do want them to enjoy the simple rhymes, the crazy creatures and the wonderful atmosphere of his books.

Here is a short biography of Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904 – 1991, for those interested, including two, short, interesting videos about his life.

A grandfather am I, spoiling grandkids I do try

with only one worry, it’s not that I’m furry,

but my grandkids are too far away!

The twins are now four and never a bore.

But I live in France, too great a distance

to read Dr. Seuss every day.

But on my last visit, I was so happy to sit

and read  to the girls some of Dr. Seuss’ pearls.

The twins didn’t know what to say!

My French granddaughter still young, I have not yet begun

to read Dr. Seuss to her and let her discover

the creativity he can display.

When I learned to read, I did feel the need

to read Cat in the Hat, so many times that

the words in my memory stay.

Dr. Seuss has a knack, to make a fish quack

or outrageous creatures, with unusual features

and hair made out of hay.

His monsters weren’t scary, but often times hairy,

no nightmares inspiring, yet imagination firing

caught in his stories we lay.

His simple rhymes, read thousands of times

help youngsters everywhere, sit down in a chair

and read instead of play.

Any teacher will tell you, repetition is the key to

any child learning, get their interest burning

and they learn without delay.

This your books do, thanks for getting through,

for taking off their lids and inspiring our kids,

So good Dr. to you Happy Birthday!

Today you’d be one hundred eleven (that’s three times thirty-seven)

even if you’re no longer here, your books offer so much cheer

it’s as if you never went away!


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